Pet Loss


 "When Your Pet Died Did You Feel Like You Lost Your Child?"

Dear Friend,     

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most heartbreaking and difficult events you could ever experience.  As if it's not bad enough to lose your best friend, sometimes you have to hide your grief so that people won't laugh at you.


Your E-Mail:

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad," your coworker says, "he was just a dog."

But to you he wasn't "just" a dog.  He was your best friend - always happy to see you, always willing to play, always there when you were sad, always there to love you unconditionally…

Then one day he was gone -- leaving an unimaginable void in your life…

Suddenly you have this leash and no one to walk.  You have a food dish and a bag of food, but no one to feed.  His favorite toys are on the floor, but he won't be back to play with them.

You feel so completely empty. 
And yet no one understands why you're even crying…

If you had lost a human loved one, your boss would tell you to take some time off.  Your friends and family would bring you casseroles, give you sympathy cards, and offer their shoulder to cry on.

But when you lose a pet, you get blank looks and uncaring remarks like "why don't you just go get another pet?" Or, "are you STILL crying over that cat?"

Yes you're still crying, and you will be for some time.  You know why?  Because…

… your grief is completely natural.

You may not get the support you need from friends and family, but help exists.  Introducing the new book "Learning to Let Go: How to Deal with the Death of a Beloved Pet."

Inside these pages you'll discover:

  • Why you need to go through the grief process the right way (even if people don't understand)
  • What grief looks like…yes, you are normal for grieving your pet!
  • How long it takes to grieve and start healing after a pet dies
  • Why you're not crazy when you think you see or hear your pet after he's died
  • How to be gentle with yourself … and forgive yourself if you feel guilty
  • How to express your grief in creative ways
  • Why it's ok to laugh and have fun - and why it may even help.
  • The warning signs you need to know to distinguish normal grief from dangerous depression
  • How to help your surviving pets (yes, they are grieving too!)
  • What to tell children when a pet dies
  • Why pet loss can be particularly hard on elderly people
  • How to help others who are dealing with their grief

….and much, much more!

Everyone says "time is a great healer" - but that's only true if you use your time wisely by grieving the right way.  To learn how to let go of your beloved pet so that your heartache eases and your grief softens, read this book today…

"Don't Delay, Learn How to Deal with that Pet Loss TODAY!"

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Best Wishes,

Bruce Dinger

P.S.  There isn't a pet in this world that could ever replace your beloved pet.  There's not a thing that anyone can say that will make you feel better.  Only YOU can ease your own pain…and the best place to start is by reading this book.

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