Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks
Japanese Feats of Attack and Defense in Personal Encounter   

This e-book is an unabridged reproduction of the work originally published by H. Irving Hancock in 1904.

It is a great primer on the basics of martial arts, self defense, or jiu-jitsu – whatever you would like to call it.

As you will read below, this book was practically one of the first American books written which detailed and taught the moves of the proficient and expert Japanese jiu-jitsu. The author quite often compares jiu-jitsu to boxing and points out that boxing is no match to jiu-jitsu.

While it teaches many moves of self-defense and attack, the author repeatedly advises that ‘practice makes perfect’. A cursory reading of the book will not make one an expert in these moves. Only time and practice will.

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The best way to learn about this e-book is to read the Introduction, the Table of Contents and the List of Illustrations, which are shown below. These will explain to you the various topics and moves that are taught.


It is but a few years ago that jiu-jitsu was unknown to the Western world. Today the name is understood very generally, in English speaking countries, to refer to that mysterious art of self-defense by which the Japanese prove antagonists whom it is impossible to defeat in physical encounter. To some extent, too, a little knowledge of this strange art has come to us. Within the next few years it is to be expected that jiu-jitsu will be as well understood by us as boxing is today.

A knowledge of the Japanese art reduces boxing from a science of defense to the status of an excellent exercise. The well-trained jiu-jitsian is able to meet and to defeat the fistic expert at all points. In this volume much attention has been paid to the methods by which the Japanese overcomes the exponent of ring work.

In scope the feats described in this volume comprise all that is essential in jiu-jitsu for purposes of personal encounter. Much that would be of interest only under Japanese conditions of life has been omitted. The tricks selected for analysis in this volume are those that are of the most value to the man of Anglo- Saxon heritage in matters of fighting.

Without-doubt it will be urged that some of the Japanese feats explained in the following pages are, in the language of the ring, "foul." But fighting is an ugly business from the nature of things, and the Japanese contend that any means that brings victory is justifiable. It may be added that few men defeated by a jiu-jitsian are disabled for a period longer than a few moments following defeat. The lacerations and contusions that follow fisticuffs are unknown in Japan, where to disfigure an opponent would be considered a disgrace to the victor. Jiu-jitsu, while stern work, is the essence of politeness; it is aimed to show a bully the folly of fighting.

The greatest charm of all about jiu-jitsu is that it does not call for the employment of great strength. The weaker man, if skilled, is able to vanquish his stronger but unversed opponent. The art has a history of more than twenty-five centuries, and, during its long course of evolution, jiu-jitsu has been perfected as the art of the smaller, weaker man.

Daily practice in this novel physical work makes rapidly for agility of body and of mind, and for great physical endurance. The Japanese soldier, sailor, and policeman take a compulsory government course in jiu-jitsu. The physical performances of the Japanese in their war with Russia should be sufficient to establish even seemingly extravagant claims for the value of jiu-jitsu as the best system of body training known to the world.


Preliminary Training - How to Strengthen the Hands for Attack, and How to Toughen the Vulnerable Parts for Defense - Practice must be Constant until Performance of the Tricks Becomes Second Nature - Don't be in a Hurry to "Show Off " a New Trick to Friends - Coolness Absolutely Necessary to Success

An Ordinary Throat-Hold: Its Throw-Off and the Sequence - A Scientific "Jiu-Jitsu " Throat-Hold - Other Methods of Seizing by the Throat

Throat-Hold Attack and Counter Defenses - A Throat - Hold from the Rear, and Its Combination with a Throw - The Defense - Different Styles of Hand - Blows in Defense

The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Trip an Opponent - How to Dodge the Trip -How to Kneel and Trip an Adversary-"Counters" That Are Possible

Throat - Hold and Arm Throws over the Shoulder - The Kneeling and Rising Throw over the Shoulder - How to Render the Fallen Adversary Helpless

The Boxer's Tricks Utterly Useless against the "Jiu-Jitsu" Adept - Why the Edge of the Hand is a More Dangerous Weapon than the Clinched Fist - The Use of the Base of the Hand - A Few Preliminary Ways of Stopping the Blows of the Boxer, with Damage to the Latter when Desired

Arm - Hook and Fend-Off against the Boxer - Fend-Off and Kidney Blow - More about Side, Kidney, and Abdomen Blows, and When and How to Use Them - Dangers of the Base-of-the-Spine Blow - A Trick to be Used only in Desperate Cases

On the Gradual Acquirement of Speed - The Need of Working, Now, with an Experienced Boxer - Taking a Club Away from an Opponent - Agility Gained by this Work – Side - Stepping as Second Nature.

The Neatest of All "Jiu-Jitsu" Ways of Stopping a Boxer - Flooring and Holding Him Helpless without Doing Him Damage - Another Effective Way of Holding a Victim in Subjection after Having Thrown Him either in Boxing or in Wrestling

Forcing the Boxer to Fend His Own Blow - The Fall That Follows - The Nearest That the "Jiu-Jitsu" Adept Comes to Our Style of Boxing - Guarding against the Throat-blow and the Solar-Plexus Jab.

Two Safe, Certain, and Easy Holds for Reducing an Opponent - Straining an Adversary's Arm over the Shoulder - How the Victory may be Followed up with a Throw in Either of the Three Cases

Tricks That may be Described, as " Humorous" - One in Which the Policeman will See no Fun when He Happens to be the Victim, unless He Knows the "Counter”, Which is also Described - The "Devil's Hand-Shake" - How the Japanese Policeman Forces a Prisoner to Accompany Him - The Value of this Trick in Ejecting a Troublesome Person

A Clever Japanese Way of Exposing Shammed Unconsciousness - The Shoulder Pinch as a Means of Defense - A Handy Way of Stopping a Fight in a Second - An Attack from Behind That Leaves the Victim without Defense, and Its Application to a Burglar or Other Intruder.

Two Excellent Combination Attacks for Extreme Occasions - How to Stop a Passing Fugitive in the Street - How to Overtake a Fugitive and Reduce Him to Submission.

Some Nice Problems in Attack and Defense that the Student can Solve with the Aid of What has been Described and the Hints That are Now Given

Finishing Touches in the Japanese Science of Attack and Defense - A Summary of the Best Feats for Women to Practice and to Use at Need - Final Cautions to the Student Who would be Expert in "Jiu-Jitsu"


No. 1. One of the Simplest Forms of Throw-off of Throat Hold

No. 2. An Advantage that Results from the Defense Shown in Preceding Illustration

No. 3. A Correct Jiu-Jitsu Throat-Hold 

No 4. Simultaneous Attack – Throat-Hold and Hand-Pinch 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 5
No. 5. A Throat-Hold and Throw By an Assailant in the Rear 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 6
No. 6. The Wrong Way To Trip 

No. 7. The Right Way To Trip 

No. 8. The Trip from a Kneeling Position 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 9
No. 9. Throat-Hold with Throw Over the Hip 

No. 10. Straining an Opponent’s Arm After He has been Thrown 

No. 11. Jiu-Jitsu Against the Boxer - A Simple Style of Defense 
                      jiu-jitsu photo 12
No. 12. Defense against Both Fists of the Boxer 

No. 13. The Boxer’s Right Stopped and on Guard against his Left 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 14
No. 14. A Hook Over A Low Left-Hander and a Ward-Off for the Right 

No. 15. The Kidney Blow Against A Boxer – Useful under Many Other Conditions 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 16
No. 16. Another Thing That the Jiu-Jitsu Man Does to the Boxer 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 17
No. 17. The Convincing Finish of Defense Shown in Preceding Illustrations 

No. 18. Another Useful Method of Holding an Opponent Down – Employed against a Boxer and in Wrestling 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 19
No. 19. Using Opponent’s Left as a Guard against his own Right – The Feat Ends in a Throw 

No. 20. The Nearest Jiu-Jitsu Approach to Boxing 

No. 21. Guarding Against Neck Blow and Solar-Plexus Jab 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 22
No. 22. A Hold from the Rear that Precedes A Throw 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 23
No. 23. A Simple Hold That Renders as Assailant Helpless 

No. 24. Straining a Forearm over the Shoulder 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 25
No. 25. “The Devil’s Handshake” 

No. 26. Shoulder-Pinch and Solar-Plexus Jab – Useful Also in Exposing Shammed Unconsciousness 

No. 27. Preventing an Injury to Knee or Other Contiguous Parts 

No. 28. Straining an Arm as a Stop to Fighting 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 29
No. 29. A Feat Used Either as a Hold or for a Throw 

                      jiu-jitsu photo 30
No. 30. An Ugly Back-of-the-Neck Blow

                      jiu-jitsu photo 31
No. 31. A Possible Complication in Simultaneous Attack 

No. 32. One Jiu-Jitsu Method of Halting a Running Fugitive 

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