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Dear Friend,

There’s nothing more heart-wrenching or nerve-wracking then the moment you first suspect that your husband is cheating on you.

At first you can’t believe it.  You think there’s no way this man that you trust would sneak around behind your back.  But yet you can’t shake that nagging feeling that he is having an affair. 

What tipped you off?  Maybe it’s because he’s always coming home late but you don’t think he’s really at work.  Maybe it’s the strange phone numbers on the caller ID.  Maybe he just seemed different…distracted.

And yet you couldn’t prove it because all you had was a feeling and no hard evidence that he’s cheating.  Until now…

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  • Where to look for clues he’s cheating – for example, you’ll learn what to look for in his car, at his work place and more.
  • Learn the times of the year when he’s most likely to have troubles covering up his affair!
  • How to absolutely 100% prove he’s having an affair – discover three easy ways to get physical evidence!

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