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Gourmet Dog and Cat Food Recipes
You Can Make At Home


  • Are you literally sick and tired of all the scares, warnings and recalls that you are reading about daily on bad dog or cat food?

  • Are you at the point where you can't trust the dog and cat food manufacturers anymore?

  • Are you wondering what you can do to protect your dog and cat's health?


Well, the only way you can absolutely protect your pet from harmful or bad pet food is to not buy it any more.

But your pet still has to eat?

Well, this leaves you with only one solution and that is to make your own dog and/or cat food!

So, where do you begin? How do you make pet food? Will it be nutritional? Will your dog / cat like it?

To help you, your dogs, your cats, and dog and cats everywhere, there is now a very affordable dog and cat gourmet treat cookbook that will solve your pet food problems for quite a while.

Pamper Your Dog has over 130 gourmet recipes for tasty treats and meals for your canine friend that are sure to have your dog salivating, while Pamper Your Cat has over 90 delectable delights for your feline friend.

You cook for yourself and your family, so don't ignore your most faithful pets. Both Pamper Your Dog and Pamper Your Cat will show you how to prepare tasty and healthful treats and main meals for your dogs and cats. And, it won't cost you a lot or take very long.

Here are a few of the many gourmet treats and recipes that come in these ebooks.

 Pamper Your Dog

 Pamper Your Cat

  • An Apple a Day Dog Treat
  • Apple Cinnamon Doggie Biscuits
  • Apple Crunch Pupcakes
  • Bacon Bites
  • Beef Twists
  • Birthday Cake for Pups
  • BJ'S Peanutty Pupcicles  
  • Bone A Fidos
  • Bow Wow Burritos
  • Bulldog Brownies
  • Cheese and Bacon Dog Biscuits
  • Chewy Cheesy Chihuahua Pizza
  • Chow Chow Stew
  • Classic Canine Cookies
  • Darlene's Favorite Dog Cookie
  • Divine Doggy Dinner
  • Doggy Dip
  • Fido's Cheese Nuggets
  • Frozen Peanut Butter Yogurt Treats
  • Greyhound Green Bean Grub
  • Hors D'ogs
  • Icy Paws
  • Lab Liver-Chip Cookie
  • Massive Mastiff Munchy Muffins
  • MuttLoaf
  • Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Pet Party Mix
  • Pooch Peanut Butter Swirls
  • Potatoes Au Canine 
  • Puppy Pretzels      
  • Ravioli Woofer Stuffing
  • Rover's Reward
  • Scrumptious Carob Bake
  • Tempting Training Treats
  • Tess' Tantalizing Treats
  • Turkey Treats
  • Vegetarian Dog Biscuits
  • Veggie Vittles
  • Wacky Wheat Treats
  • Yogurt Pups      
  • A Lil' Ball of Love
  • Better Than Grass Salad
  • Canadian Cat Relish
  • Cat Cookies
  • Cat Crackers
  • Cat Eggs
  • Catnip Tea
  • Cheese Please
  • Chicken and Pasta Stew
  • Chicken and Sardines
  • Chicken Cheeseburger
  • Chicken Crunchies
  • Chicken Stir Fry
  • Christmas Treat
  • Crispy Trout Dinner
  • Fabulous Fishballs
  • Glop (Kitty Pudding)
  • Grain Free Cat Food
  • Ham it Up Cat Treats
  • Homemade Kitty Yum Yums
  • Kedgeree
  • Kitty Breakfast
  • Kitty Catnip Cookies
  • Kitty Heaven Sardine Surprise
  • Kitty Kisses
  • Kitty Roll Ups
  • Kitty Tacos
  • Liver Cookies
  • Mackerel Magic
  • Mackerel Munchies
  • Meowsli
  • Mince Surprise
  • Mini-Cat Cakes
  • Mouseburger Bites 
  • Potatoes Au Feline
  • Precious Kitty Treats
  • Salmon Mouse Mousse
  • Sauteed Liver
  • Super Salmon Smashers
  • Su-Purr Salmon Pate
  • You Gotta Have Sole

Both of these gourmet treat books are digital ebooks, which means you can download them immediately after your purchase.     

Each of these ebooks can be purchased for $5.95, or you can buy them both for just $7.95.

So, end your fears of bad dog and cat food and start making your own. You can have your ebooks within a matter of minutes, so simply click the appropriate link below.

Your dogs and cats will love you all the much more for making them these fantastic treats and finally, a home cooked meal!!

 100% Guaranteed!

This Program Comes With A Full 60 Days Guarantee! 

If the information is not everything I say it is, you will be issued a full refund without any hassles whatsoever!

 pet recipe guarantee

That is 60 days to try these gourmet pet recipes and if you are not fully satisfied, You'll quickly get refunded you're money. 

No worries. No hassles. Nothing to lose!


GOurmet Dog Food Recipes

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Gourmet Cat Food Recipes

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Gourmet Pet Food Recipes

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