Newborn kittens


   “You’ve Found a Newborn Kitten – Now What?”

Knowing the right way to hand-raise a kitten is a literally a matter of life and death!

Dear Friend,

If you’ve just found an abandoned or orphaned newborn kitten, thank your lucky stars you found this page!  Most people’s first reaction is to feed a kitten milk – but little do they know this could kill a kitten… 

Read on so you don’t make this or any other mistakes that could cost your new kitten her life!

Newborn kitten familyThe first thing you need to do is get that kitten warm.  For now you can snuggle her against your body while you read this page.  Hot water bottles and heating pads have uses, but if you want to save this kitten you don’t have time to hunt around for those.

After and ONLY after you’ve sufficiently warmed the kitten can you think of feeding her.  Whatever you do, don’t give her milk if she’s chilled, as that can kill her.  And don’t give her the milk from your fridge (typically cow’s milk) because that will give her gastric upset.  In the worst case she may get diarrhea which can quickly dehydrate such a small creature – and yes, that too will kill her.

Instead, you need to get her kitten milk replacer.  Call your local vet as they usually have them on their shelves, plus they’ll even have the bottle you need.  Even your local grocery or discount store may stock milk replacer.    Call before visiting so you don’t waste time driving around.

As you can probably tell by the warnings I’ve already given you, raising a kitten isn’t as easy as it looks.  You can’t just throw milk in an eyedropper and be set.  You need to feed them the right things at the right times, take care of their elimination needs, socialize them and so much more.

If this all sounds overwhelming and even a little scary, don’t worry.  It’s all laid out for you in this easy-to-read manual “The Ultimate Guide to Hand-Raising Orphaned and Abandoned Newborn Kittens.”  Download this life-saving manual now and you’ll discover:

  • How to feed your kitten so that she doesn’t drown in the milk or get pneumonia
  • What to feed your kitten and how often
  • How to help your kitten eliminate so that she doesn’t get ill or die from the toxins building up in her body
  • How to keep your kitten warm (yes, kittens thrive under the correct temperature)
  • How much weight your kitten should put on every week
  • How to wean the bottle fed kitten
  • How to socialize the orphaned kitten
  • What you need to know about “fading kitten syndrome”

…and so much more!

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